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CRS is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology and equipment needed to successfully locate, contact and collect from delinquent account holders placed by our clients. CRS has a progressive approach to the use of new and developing technologies to stay current and competitive in the debt collection industry.



We have heard a great deal about your "No Cost Court Collection Program©". Is that program a possibility for my court, and how do you accomplish this?

Our No Cost Court Collection Program© is available to any court in a state that hasa statute allowing the addition of a collection fee when sending a case to collections. CRS then goes a a step beyond other agencies by taking zero commission until the case has been collected in full.

How can we be assured that our defendants, constituents and taxpayers are being treated fairly, and with dignity and respect ?

CRS is dependant upon elected officials, judges, appointed clerks, law directors and other public policy officials.  Just by the nature of our client base, CRS has to go above and beyond any of the negative perceptions that dog the debt collection industry.  And we do.  As previously mentioned, our complaint and litigation record is the best in the industry when taking into account the length of time and the number of cases we handle.

How will doing business with Capital Recovery Systems impact our workload at our court?

We designed our business model to be completely flexible in an effort to cause little to no disruption in your daily processes, procedures and workload. You will find that our automation has a direct and measurable benefit to your court.

Do clients have access to view and/or audit the cases which have been placed with Capital Recovery Systems?

Yes. CRS provides you with easy and secure online access to our "CRS Navigate" tool, which allows you to access to all of your accounts.  It can be used for auditing purposes, performance reports, uploading account placement files, and communicating with CRS.

How do we transfer data to you for account placement?

CRS has partnered with many software companies to develop “account extraction programs” that allow you to select criteria and build a file of eligible accounts.  That file is electronically sent to CRS, where we upload it into to our system.  It is an easy, user-friendly process that even those with minimal computer experience can accomplish.  In most instances, CRS also absorbs the cost of your extraction program.

Will we have a contact person assigned to our court to address concerns and day to day operations?

Yes, you will be assigned a client liaison to whom you will have direct access. However, that is really just the beginning. CRS has built our reputation on client service and responsiveness. You will be provided with direct access to department heads who have direct numbers designated for client use only. In addition, our senior management team is available 24/7 via phone, email or text.


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